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Mild Problems with Thinking or Memory

Options to Maintain Mental Capacities in Older Adults

Decision Make an informed choice

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Which option do you prefer?

Are you comfortable with this decision?
  • Sure of myself
    I feel sure about the best choice for me.

    You may make the decision at a later day.

  • Understand information
    I know the benefits and risks of each option.

    If some aspects remain unclear to you, go through the information in the Decision box again.

    Make a list of questions and meet a professional to find answers.

    Find other sources of information that might be useful to help answer your questions (a pharmacist or other healthcare professionals, counselors, reliable websites, library).

    Visit the Ottawa Patient Decision Aids Library by clicking here: 

  • Risk-benefit ratio
    I am clear about which benefits and risks matter most to me.

    Talk to others who have made the decision and ask them what it is like to experience the benefits and harms.

    Look for some stories of what mattered most to others.

    Discuss with others about what matters most to you.

    Visit the Patient Decision Aids Library:

  • Encouragement
    I have enough support and advice to make a choice.

    Discuss your options with a trusted person (friend, partner, health care professional).

    Think about the different ways you may be supported to make this choice (funds, transport, childcare).

    Focus on the opinions of others who matter most.

    Share your Decision box profile with people you trust and that are important to you.

    If other people try to influence your decision, find a neutral person to help you.

    Complete the Ottawa Personal Decision Guide, available here:

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Publication date : November 2018 - Evidence update: : December 2016 - Next update : December 2019