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Credits - How to Maintain Mental Skills

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Anik Giguère (PhD)*
Laura Bogza (PhD cand)
Élina Farmanova-Haynes (PhD)
Edeltraut Kröger (Pharma, PhD)
Marie-Josée Sirois (OT, PhD)
Émilie Fortier-Brochu (Neuropsychol, PhD)
Michèle Morin (MD, geriatrician)
Philippe Voyer (Nurses, PhD)
Gabriel Bilodeau (Nurses)
Julie Fortin (MD)
Micehl Cauchon (MD)

*corresponding author: 

Patients included

Older adults and caregivers reviewed the content of this document. Healthcare professionals, older adults, and caregivers also participated in the design of this Decision box template, as study participants in research projects."

Graphic design

Camille Lepage Pérusse
Laura Bogza
Émilie Beaulieu

Copy editing

Katherine Hastings, Cert. Tr.


Toumoro, inc.

Conflicts of interest

The development of this tool was funded by a research grant from the Canadian Frailty Network, which is supported by the Government of Canada through the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program. Neither the funding agency, the authors, nor their affiliated institutions have any interest at stake in the decisions made by patients after using this Decision box.